Terms of use of

1. About
a. is an electronic catalogue of used car, truck, bus, moto car parts.
b. allows the search and purchase of any listed in catalogue car part.
c. Listed in electronic catalogue car parts are not owned by
d. has the right to change the terms and conditions of any legal notice, which is published on website.
2. Definitions
a. – Internet website, through which any person can search and purchase used automotive car parts.
b. Car part – a used car part for a car, truck, bus, moto, which is not owned by, but which is possible to purchase via website.
c. Electronic catalogue – list of available car parts, which are located in different locations, in majority cases, not at the warehouse of
d. User – any person, who is browsing the website with an aim to find and purchase the car part.
e. Buyer – a User, who placed an order and paid for the chosen car part.
f. Registration – creating a personal account within, which allows the User to have an access to all benefits of registered Users.
g. Account – personal account of the User within
h. Order – confirmation from the User to purchase the selected car part.
i. Consignee – an individual/legal person, who is entitled to receive the purchased car part.

3. General provisions
a. By using the catalogue User irrevocably agree with the terms and conditions of use of catalogue.
b. If the User does not agree with all or part of the terms of use, he/she is not allowed to use the catalogue.
c. is an open catalogue and can be surfed by any User.
d. Any User can purchase any listed and available in the electronic catalogue car part.
e. Any User can purchase a car part as a registered to the User, as well as non-registered User.
f. Current terms of use are an integraal part of any agreement made between User and

4. Registered and Non-registered User
a. allows Users to act as registered and non-registered Users.
b. Non-registered Users do not have an access to all benefits of electronic catalogue and can not claim any campaign benefits offered to registered Users.
c. Registered Users have a personal account within, through which Users get an access to all benefits offered by
d. Registration/creating personal account is done by filling in the electronic registration form. In case of registration the User is to provide true and correct information about personal details of the User. After registration is complete the User receives an access to a personal account within
e. has the right to suspend and/or terminate the account of any User, who is violating the terms of use of Suspension and/or termination of account is done in unilateral order by
f. can restore the suspended and/or terminated account of the User at any time.
g. The liability for the security of passcodes to lies on Users.

5. User/Buyer rights and obligations
a. User/Buyer has the right:
- To surf for car parts.
- To receive information regarding the selected car part.
- To purchase selected car parts according to Order procedure.
- To cancel the order according to Order procedure.
- To return purchased car part according to Returns procedure.
- To register and obtain a personal account within, as well as amend, modify and terminate the account.
b. User/Buyer is obliged:
- Prior to purchase carefully investigate the details of the selected car part and only in case of acceptance of all details of the car part proceed with the order of the selected car part.
- To pay the full amount for the selected car part via chosen payment method. In case of additional costs, such as transport, packing, quality control, installation etc. pay the full amount of additional costs via chosen payment method.
- To respect and follow the terms of use of, as well as all other legal notices and/or procedures of
- To keep passcodes to in safe and non-reachable to third parties place.
- To avoid any action, which can damage and/or cause a financial loss to
- To notify about any action of third parties, which has an aim to cause a damage and/or loss to
- To notify about an intention to terminate the account within

6. rights and obligations
a. has the right:
- To reject the registration/opening of the personal account without specifying the reason for rejection.
- To cancel the order of the User/Buyer.
- To receive payments from Users/Buyers.
- To reimbourse the paid by User/Buyer amounts.
- To refuse to accept the return of the car part from User/Buyer.
- To act as per terms of use and other legal notices and procedures of
- To amend, change, withdraw in unilateral order any procedure, rule, terms of use of
- To implement, change, withdraw in unilateral order fees, payment method, delivery method of
b. is obliged:
- To allow Users to use services, which are provided by
- To supply the Buyer with ordered and paid car part.
- To handle claims in good order and within reasonable time.
- To keep confidential Users’ /Buyers’ personal data as required by Legislation and Privacy Policy.

7. Ordering, concluding sale-purchase agreement.
a. By placing an order the User confirms, that he/she is aware of all details of selected car part, he/she wants to purchase the selected car part for the offered price. In case of additional costs, such as transport, packing, quality control, installation etc. by confirming the order the User agrees to additional costs.
b. While placing order User/Buyer must supply with accurate and precise personal data, which is needed to process the order.
c. Registered and non-registered users can place an order.
d. The sale-purchase agreement is concluded when User/Buyer makes the payment for the selected car part via chosen payment method.
e. Every completed order receives a unique registration number and is used as reference in further steps of order fulfilling.
8. Payment
a. appoints payment methods.
b. User/Buyer chooses the convenient one.
c. After order is placed by the User/Buyer, forwards to payment method via link, which the User/Buyer follows.
d. The payment is considered to be executed when the confirmation of payment is issued by the chosen payment system.
e. If for any reason the confirmation of payment is received, but it does not reach the bank account of, then it is considered, that the payment is not done.

9. Delivery
a. While placing the order, the User/Buyer is to choose the delivery method, either door to door delivery or self-pick up at warehouse. is allowed to offer other delivery method.
b. While placing the order, the User/Buyer must specify the exact address of the order delivery.
c. While placing the order, the User/Buyer must appoint an individual, who is entitled to receive the order. will not hand the order over to the individual, who is not put into the order as consignee.
Consignee must present an ID card or passport or driving license to identify himself as consignee.
d. has the right to refuse to hand over the order if there is a reasonable doubt about identity of the person, who claims to be a consignee.
e. delivers the car part during the stated in the confirmation to the order period of time. If for any reason the delivery can’t be performed within stated in the confirmation to the order period of time is to notify the User/Buyer about the delay.
f. On the day of delivery the courier will notify the User/Buyer about estimated time of arrival to the User/Buyer by telephone specified in the order. If the User/Buyer can’t be reached by specified in the order phone number, the courier will deliver the car part to warehouse. Further delivery will be performed for an extra charge.
g. The consignee must check the car part immediately after receiving the car part. In case of any damage the consignee is to notify the courier by making a written notice on bill of lading. In such case consignee must either accept the car part or refuse to accept. In case of refusal to accept the courier delivers the car part to the warehouse of
h. The User/Buyer can place a claim for car part’s hidden damage, which was not possible to identify while delivery, no later than by 12:00 o’clock noon time on the day following the day of delivery, and no later than within 24 hours from the time of delivery. The claim must be done in writing to designated by e-mail address.

10. Returns and exchange.
a. A general rule of a money-back within 14 days from the date of receipt applies if all the terms and rules are followed.
b. In case of User/Buyer wants a money-back, he/she must:

i. Submit a Return/Exchange application to [email protected] with following details – name, surname, order nr., order date, car part code, car part name, order delivery date, detailed explanation of the reason of car part(s) Return/Exchange.
ii. Return the car part no later than on 14th day from the date of delivery. The first day is the day of delivery to the User/Buyer.
iii. The car part must be delivered to the designated by address.
iv. The following conditions must be met when returning car parts to

1. Returned car parts must be in neat packaging to prevent damage during transportation.
2. Car parts must be in the same condition as received.
3. Deliver the car part either directly or through a courier service. If you need help with a courier’s services, will be happy to help you.
4. Transport charges are for the expense of User/Buyer. Transport costs on return of the goods may differ from the transport cost amount, which is mentioned in the order. will inform about the return transport cost amount, which is payable in advance by the User/Buyer. After the return transport cost amount is received, will inform User/Buyer about further steps.
5. Returned parts must be handed over to the courier within 5 days of submission of the return form to Delays in the delivery of goods mean that the warranty will no longer be applicable.
6. refund guarantee does not cover costs that exceed the total order value (item plus shipping).

v. If the car part was installed, the User/Buyer must present a video of installation and deinstallation, which is produced by an authorized and licensed car, truck, bus service station. Self installation and self made video can’t be considered as an authorized and licensed service station and is subject to refusal of acceptance of return.

c. Undamaged and non-disassembled goods shall be returned upon presentation of proof of purchase and written request from the User/Buyer.
d. has the right not to accept the car part return by the User/Buyer if the Buyer does not follow the procedure for returning the goods set forth in the terms of use (eg., item was damaged, dismantled, returned not in full set or a different item returned).
e. The refund guarantee does not cover costs that exceed the total amount of the specific order and delivery.
11. Copyright
All intelectual rights for are protected by legislation of Estonian Republic, as well as International Law.